Have Your Furnace Inspected

Having your furnace checked in autumn before the heating system begins is an important safety task. Regular maintenance of your natural gas furnace helps keep it operating efficiently and prevents carbon monoxide hazards from occurring.

To ensure that your furnace is working properly:
• Have your furnace and venting system checked every year to prevent carbon monoxide hazards, and to keep it working at its best.
• Keep clutter out of the furnace room to ensure proper air circulation.
• Keep combustible materials like paper, chemicals, paint and cleaning products away from the furnace.
• Never use gasoline or other flammable vapours or liquids near your natural gas furnace or water heater.

Contact a qualified heating contractor to inspect your furnace and make recommendations to keep your family safe and warm this winter.

An old furnace may need to be replaced, and always advise your insurance broker about any updates to your home to ensure your home insurance policy is based on accurate information.