Keeping Safe in the Summer

Summer Safety Tips

Summer is in full-swing in Manitoba, and while we all want to be outside and enjoy the sunshine and great weather, it is important to be mindful of summer safety. Below are 5 tips to keep you and your family safe this summer:

Summer Safety Tip 1: Use “touch supervision” with young children around pools.

Home — or vacation home — swimming pools are a particular hazard for very young children (aged 1 to 4). It may be tempting to dive into a magazine or a cocktail while you're sitting poolside, but if young children are around you should stay focused on them. Amid the chaos of a family beach rental, it only takes a moment of inattention to place a child at risk of drowning.

It is recommended that one adult be assigned to watch all children swimming or playing in or around water. Supervisors of preschool children should practice “touch supervision,” which means being close enough to reach the child at all times. Research shows that about half of child drownings take place within 25 yards of an adult.

Summer Safety Tip 2: Know your vehicle load limits.

Can't fit the kids, the beach chairs and all the suitcases in your vehicle? A rooftop carrier makes packing for your summer vacation much easier. But don't stuff it to the gills. Read the car's manual first to figure out the dynamic weight limit for the roof rack. It’s probably less than you think; on average, research shows that 165 pounds is the max. And remember that adding rooftop cargo raises the center of gravity, which can cause an SUV to sway or become less stable on the road.

Summer Safety Tip 3: Steer clear of wildlife.

Many wild animals are drawn to campgrounds because they can forage in trash or snag snacks from tourists. Every year brings news accounts of people being attacked on their summer vacation by animals such as bears. The key thing to remember is that most animal attacks are provoked. Never, never feed or harass wildlife, even if you see other people doing it. And remember that bees, deer, dogs and cows can hurt more people than bears.

Summer Safety Tip 4: Plan ahead to keep pets safe.

Like young children, pets are vulnerable to injury when left in hot cars. Even when the outside temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, the sun can raise it to 40 degrees! If your dog is coming along on your summer vacation road trip, plan ahead for how you'll keep him cool. Can you pack picnic lunches, or find restaurants that allow dogs on the patio? What will you do if you need to run an emergency errand?

Summer Safety Tip 5: Make sure you’re protected in case of medical emergencies.

If your summer travel plans take you on a cruise, out of the country, or to more remote areas of Canada or the United States, you should have travel insurance with emergency medical benefits and emergency medical transportation benefits. These benefits can cover your medical care and/or emergency transportation if you experience a covered medical emergency while traveling, protecting you from unexpected (and enormous) medical bills. If you have any questions about travel health insurance, please come and talk to us at Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited today.

We wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer!