Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada. Here are some helpful tips on how to protect yourself:

Don't give out more personal information than you need to


Pay attention to your billing cycles and follow up with your creditors and utility companies if your bills do not arrive on time


Remove mail from your mailbox promptly after delivery


Put passwords on your credit card, bank, and telephone accounts. Avoid using obvious information like your birth date, SIN or phone number


Do not give out personal information over the phone, internet or through the mail unless you have initiated the contact or are certain who you are dealing with


Shred or destroy sensitive personal documents copies of credit applications before tossing them into the garbage or recycling


Carry only the ID that you need. Keep all other identification, such as SIN cards, birth certificates and passports, locked in a safe place.

Does your home insurance policy include protection in case of identity theft? If you are unsure, contact us to review your policy in detail.