Is Flooding Covered by Home Insurance in Manitoba?

When it begins to feel like Spring, this is a question we are often asked at Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited.

Overland flooding is not currently covered by any home insurance policy in Canada. While most Manitobans live in a flood zone, we are lucky that 20th century leaders in our province established robust flood protection infrastructure.

Homeowners are able to purchase sewer backup coverage as an add-on to their home insurance policy, depending on where the home is located and what kinds of preventative measures are in place. Most insurance companies will require a home to have a sump pump and a backflow prevention device in order to provide coverage. These devices help to prevent water losses in the basements of homes during weather events which put strain on the municipal drainage and sewer system. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, as they say.

There are additional steps homeowners can take to make sure the annual spring thaw does not cause damage to their home and belongings, including:
• Move valuable items out of the basement
• Keep floor drains clear of obstructions
• Install a sump pump, or make sure it is working if already have one
• Consider adding sump pump monitoring to your home security system
• Consult a plumber to install or check on your backflow prevention device on your sewer line
• Ensure the ground grading around your home slopes away from the house
• Ensure downspouts drain any rainwater well away from the house

So contact an office near you about getting the right policy to protect your home and contents, and give you peace of mind.