Travel Insurance

You love to travel. Unfortunately accidents & illnesses do happen while you are away. The health expenses resulting from those accidents or an unexpected illness are not fully covered by Manitoba Health. The difference between what Manitoba Health will pay and the actual cost may be substantial. Even when you are travelling within Canada, expenses do add up. Travel health coverage guards against loss of savings spent on unexpected emergency medical bills incurred outside of Manitoba.

Many countries like Cuba and certain countries in Europe have begun requesting proof of health insurance before entry into the country is permitted. Visitors to Canada also need health coverage to cover them while in Canada. Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited can help with selecting coverage for those leaving Canada or for friends and family coming to Canada.

We have all seen the horror stories in the media, when an unexpected medical condition results in large bills for Canadians who are used to not being charged for individual health care expenses. One recent example of someone who had an accident covered by one of our partner companies was:

“Bryan was skateboarding in San Francisco when he fell into traffic and hit his head on the pavement. Bystanders quickly called an ambulance and Bryan was taken to a medical centre.

A CT scan showed a subdural hematoma and x-rays revealed a fractured wrist. A doctor worried about a brain bleed, admitted Bryan to the hospital. He was kept in the hospital for 2 days and given repeat CT scans and a splint.

As Bryan remained stable with no signs of any internal bleeding, he was sent home with pain medications and instructions to follow up with his family doctor once he returned to Canada.

The cost of the claim covered for Bryan was $27,898.”

Travel health insurance... 

is usually very inexpensive. Starting at less than $50 it can be a very cheap investment to make sure you have the protection you need. Let’s hope you have a perfect trip and do not have to use your coverage.

Let our professional staff help you choose the coverage which is right for you, from one of our insurance company partners which best fits your needs. Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited partners with both Manitoba Blue Cross and TUGO to ensure we can find the coverage best suited to your needs. Whether you are a snowbird heading South for several months in the winter, heading West to see the Rocky Mountains, or heading to Europe to experience some of the great tourist sites, (or anywhere in between) we can help you make sure you still love your trip when you return home.

Simply contact us and one of our professional staff can provide you competitive coverage in-person or over the telephone.