Car Insurance

You love your vehicle. Make sure you have the right protection for your car, truck, trailer, or off-road vehicle. In Manitoba, Manitoba Public Insurance provides Autopac for vehicle insurance as well as Driver Licencing services.

Insurance spreads the cost of claims among many people so no one has to face the cost of a claim alone. For one person, the costs from an accident could cause bankruptcy. Spread among many people, the costs become affordable.

MPI & Autopac

Automobile insurance protects you in three broad categories: 

  • Personal Injury Coverage (protection against personal bodily injury, loss of life or loss of income) 
  • All Perils Collision Coverage (protection against damage to your own vehicle as a result of an insured peril) 
  • Third Party Liability Coverage (protection against your obligation to pay because you're legally liable for someone else's injuries or death or damages to their property)

Manitoba Public Insurance offers you a variety of automobile insurance options, including Basic Autopac, Optional Autopac and Special Risk Extension coverages.

Basic Autopac is mandatory in Manitoba. When you purchase Basic Autopac coverage, you're purchasing protection in the event of a personal injury, all perils collision or third party liability claim.

You can choose to enhance this basic coverage with optional Autopac coverages. Some options include increasing your third party liability limits, reducing your deductibles, or purchasing Excess Value Coverage (for high end vehicles), to name a few.

Special Risk Extension (SRE) products provide coverage for specialized risks—things like large commercial trucking fleets and garage risks.

For an Autopac quote please contact us or go to MPI's Rate Calculator.

Driver Licencing
You are able to renew your licence, provide changes and have your photo taken at any of our locations.

If you are applying for your first driver’s licence, renewing or are moving to Manitoba, Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited will be happy to help you.

If you have held a driver’s licence in another country, we require certain information so we can determine the Class and Stage of licence you should hold in Manitoba.

If you want a driver’s licence you can use to cross the U.S. border by land or water, consider an Enhanced Driver’s Licence.

Driver Safety Rating
Manitoba Public Insurance encourages safe driving is through the Driver Safety Rating (DSR) system, which recognizes safe driving behaviour in a fair and simple way.

Your position on the DSR scale, which has 36 levels, depends on your driving record. Driving safely moves you up the scale, which saves you money– up to 33 per cent savings on vehicle premiums and up to an additional $30 savings on driver's licence premiums. The highest-risk drivers pay up to $2,500 for their driver's licence premium.

Want to know your DSR? Try the Driver Safety Rating Calculator. It only takes a few minutes to see how your driving behaviour can affect the premiums you pay.

Simply contact us for all of your Autopac and Driver Licencing needs.